Dr. NO's was founded back in 1977. Cliff and Ward took over the store in 1982, and the rest, as they say, is history. Currently, the store is solely owned by Cliff, who has as much enthusiasm for comics today as he did when he was growing up and creating his own fanzines (look that one up kids.)

In our time, we have carried a little bit of everything before deciding to focus on the comics and games side of things. We are currently the largest comics and games store in Cobb County and have the largest trade paperback collection in the south.

Key Employees


Owner of Dr. No's Comics and Games, Cliff can be elusive to find at the store at times, but he is always pleasant when found. His knowledge of the comics industry is amazing, and his ability to multi-task is second to none. Contact Cliff


Store Manager and Games Manager of Dr. NO's.

Buck is the vivacious, entertaining, aide-in-arms to the store. He is the master of the special order, and goes to great lengths to ensure that customers get what they deserve--in a good way. Contact Buck


Inexplicably friendly and reclusive, soft-spoken Amber has a passion for indie comics, reptiles, tattoos and cool hair. Super helpful when you need to find something a little different, and maybe just a bit creepy, Amber is the one to help!


Weekend Manager of Dr. No's.

Action figure movie director. Movie nut. Has a different view of the world at large. Master of Magic: the Gathering and avid collector of... just about every card game imaginable. Tom also has an eclectic taste in his comics so he can help a customer find the out of the way titles.


Jason brings with him an extensive source of knowledge of Marvel Comics. Jason is the grand organizer of the backstock inventory, so if you are looking for an older issue or a recent issue of your favorite comic, Jason is your man.


Jenni comes to Dr. No's with oodles of backstock comics experience; she also has absorbed immense Star Wars knowledge from former Dr. No's comics manager Jared, to whom she is married. She has an enviable ability to remain calm and organized in the face of chaos- a useful skill in the comics biz!

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